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Dried flowers for a cake - a short guide

Decorating trends change in many industries almost every season. The same applies to confectionery, although - as everywhere - here too there are universal elements that are popular regardless of the date on the calendar. Such decorations include dried flowers. Cakes decorated with them will never fail to impress. They are perfect for boho style parties, weddings, christenings, corporate events and many other important events. This type of decoration adds extraordinary charm and uniqueness to traditional baked goods. Dried flowers can be combined with other additives, which is their undoubted advantage. Dries look great with pearls, sugar masses, toppers and many other decorative accessories traditionally used in candy making.

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How to dry lavender?

Lavender is a unique plant. Not only does it make a wonderful decoration for the house and garden, but thanks to its fragrance and properties, it also has many other useful applications. Lavender flowers emit an intense fragrance, and the plant itself blooms for many years. It produces a valuable oil, but is very often used in dried form.

You can prepare it yourself. Shearing and drying lavender is not a complicated process, but it is worth knowing a few secrets to avoid mistakes. We explain step by step how to harvest and dry lavender and why it is worth doing so.

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Autumn wedding bouquet - 10 most fashionable compositions

Golden Polish autumn endows us with a palette of delightful colors. Flowers and leaves in colors of saturated orange, burgundy, copper, yellows or browns are perfect for making perfect autumn wedding bouquets. Here are the top 10 most fashionable inspirations for an autumn wedding bouquet. Which one do you choose for yourself?

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Dried flowers and grasses in winter arrangements

How to create a cozy winter aura in your interiors when our favorite live flowers are not at hand?

Calm! There are dried plants and pampas grasses, which are ideal for preparing unique winter arrangements that can last for years. Here are some of our favorite suggestions that will work in any interior. Enrich your space with natural decorations that will delight any guest.

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