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Dried flowers and grasses in winter arrangements

Dried flowers and grasses in winter arrangements

What winter decorations are made of dried flowers and grasses?

You are anxious to bring winter into your home, apartment or office? Check out what decorations made of dried flowers and grasses will help you achieve this goal

Dried flowers and grasses in winter arrangements

There's a reason why dried flowers and grasses are growing in popularity. Ornaments prepared from them can now be seen in numerous homes and apartments. They are sometimes used even in offices, where it is also worth taking care of the right climate. Delightful arrangements are created from them, thanks to which the interiors gain an original character.

Dried flowers and grasses are unique decorative elements that give rooms a certain atmosphere, such as Christmas. Just how to combine the purchased plants to get a satisfactory effect? What dried flowers and grasses to use at all to create a delightful winter arrangement? The answers to these questions can be found later in this post. We invite you to read.

Do winter decorations of dried flowers and grasses fit all interiors?

Let's start with what kind of interiors in general are suitable for winter arrangements of dried flowers and grasses. Will they look equally good in all homes, apartments and offices? Do dried decorations fit all interior styles? Are pampas grass bouquets a good idea regardless of the design of the room? The choice of dried flowers and grasses is now very wide. So it is not difficult to prepare a set of plants that will fit perfectly into a given style.

So if you're planning to decorate your chosen space by giving it a winter vibe, go ahead and go for the dries. Just remember to carefully combine the selected plants. For example, pampas grass is a decoration in itself, so matching it with other dried grass is sometimes difficult. When choosing colors, be guided primarily by the style of the interior. Also, don't forget the reason for creating decorations. In the case of winter arrangements, this task is fortunately not difficult to accomplish. Winter is primarily associated with white, red, green and gold.

What dried food accessories are associated with winter?

If you intend to use dried grass flowers to create an atmospheric winter arrangement, choose dried grasses with the right colors. Our typical "winter" products include, in particular, cotton, ruscus, bleached pampas grass and dried pepper. However, there are other dries that are worth using when decorating your home or other interior to celebrate winter. In our store with dried flowers and grasses you will also find such dried flowers and grasses as:

  • stabilized eucalyptus,
  • bleached linen,
  • olive leaves,
  • white blanket,
  • gold glyxia,
  • silver palm leaf,
  • whitewashed russet.

Of course, these are not all the dried plants you can use when designing your winter arrangements. In our offer you will find many more products with which you will manage to create original and extremely modern decorations. Our dried flowers and other plants have different colors. This way you can easily realize your vision related to the planned arrangement. The colors most associated with winter and thus with Christmas are white, red, green and gold, but nothing prevents you from choosing droughts in other colors.

A whitewashed bouquet looks stunning, but you can be equally impressed by bright pink pampas grass juxtaposed with green leaves. Such a decoration is not typically winter, but it will give you joy, which is, after all, the most important thing. If you care about a winter arrangement, choose colors associated with this time of year. However, if the most important thing for you is your taste, and the indicated colors are not among your favorites, bet on real madness.

Are only bouquets made from dried plants?

The most popular decorations made from dried fruit are bouquets. For their preparation you can use one species of flowers, for example, cotton. You also have the option of combining different plants - then the finished bouquet will certainly be more interesting. You can also dispense with flowers and rely solely on dried grasses. Recently, a particularly frequent choice of our customers is pampas grass. This product looks perfect without any additives. If you are creating a winter arrangement, be sure to choose bleached grass of this type.

However, don't limit yourself to typical ideas. You can create a variety of winter decorations from our dried plants. The dried flowers are also used to make wonderful wreaths. How about an artistic decoration made from dried wood? Our products can also be used as wall decorations. More and more people are abandoning traditional paintings and prints precisely in favor of dried flowers and grasses. Bouquets or single flowers or grasses look very impressive in a matching wooden frame. Placed behind glass, they gain nobility and an absolutely remarkable character.