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Autumn wedding bouquet - 10 most fashionable compositions

Autumn wedding bouquet - 10 most fashionable compositions

Autumn wedding bouquet - 10 most fashionable compositions

Golden Polish autumn endows us with a palette of delightful colors. Flowers and leaves in colors of saturated orange, burgundy, copper, yellows or browns are perfect for making perfect autumn wedding bouquets. Here are the top 10 most fashionable inspirations for an autumn wedding bouquet. Which one do you choose for yourself?

1. Wedding bouquet with gifts of autumn

Wedding bouquets with seasonal fruits are the hottest wedding trend of the 2022 and 2023 season, which has won the hearts of brides for its originality, unique beauty and durability. To create such an autumn bouquet that will delight and surprise guests, in the composition you should use: mini fruits and vegetables (such as peppers, apples, pomegranates, hawthorn), ears of grain, colorful leaves, chestnuts, acorns, rowan and thistles. Such an appetizing bouquet suits boho, forest, retro, folk or eco style weddings. A huge advantage that this type of autumn wedding bouquet has is durability - the bouquet will successfully live to see a photo shoot.

2. Wedding bouquet with decorative grasses

Ornamental grasses have permanently established themselves in wedding compositions. There is nothing surprising about this, because the magnificent plumes are, at the same time, very nostalgic and romantic, but also firmly rooted in the glamour style. In autumn, bet on the combination of pampas grass with zinnias, asters or bayberry. Such an autumn bouquet will be ideal for weddings held in barns, in a romantic, vintage concept, but also in the aforementioned glamour style.

3. Bouquet for wedding with autumn flowers

Autumn is a special time when flowers unseen in other seasons bloom. Take advantage of this and instead of year-round roses, carnations or freesias, choose the most beautiful autumn flowers for your bridal bouquet. Nature at this time of year abounds: dahlias, heather, phlox, asters, sunflowers and hydrangeas. These species are extremely versatile, and the number of colors and varieties is practically endless, so you can use them to create an autumn bridal bouquet to match any style of wedding. Importantly, by using seasonal flowers, you usually pay less than for exotic plants that are hard to find during the season.

4. Wedding bouquet in all the colors of autumn

You do not necessarily have to reach for autumn flowers to create an autumn wedding bouquet. Just choose your favorite plant varieties in colors associated with this fantastic time of year. Autumn offers us a wide range of colors - from yellows, to orange, to browns. But autumn is not only warm colors, it is also the colors of stones, extinguished green or gray. It is only up to the imagination of the florist and the ordering person what such a bouquet will look like in the end, but it will certainly look unique and emphasize the wedding moment.

5. Monochromatic autumn bouquet

If you like minimalism and strong color accents, you can also have a unique bridal bouquet in autumn. With the white of the dress, the purple color is extremely beautifully matched. In this situation, a bouquet of lavender or lilac hydrangeas, will be the perfect solution. Yellow flowers are equally magnificent, and there is no shortage of them in autumn either. A choice loved for many seasons by brides is the bouquet of sunflowers.

6. Autumn wedding bouquet of dried flowers

Dried plants have hit the canon of the most fashionable wedding bouquets. They are no longer just an accessory or filler, but the main characters of bouquets. The most popular dried flowers in bouquets for autumn are: bellows, pampas grass, field poppy, blowworm, flax, blanket flower. This type of bouquet is extremely durable, you can take it to a photo shoot, but also later on it will be a beautiful decoration of the house for a long time.

7. Bouquet for a wedding with eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a real hit when it comes to weddings held in late autumn. When the first frosts and snow appear outside, a bouquet composed of green-gray leaves will perfectly relate to the season. In the minimalist version, you can bet on a bouquet of just leaves - you can replace the bouquet with even one sprig of eucalyptus, and in the richer version, you can compose a beautiful composition, choosing autumn flowers in white (such as dahlias).

8. Bouquet for wedding with feathers

Feathers in bridal bouquets have been featured for several seasons now. They are extremely decorative, romantic, airy. They are perfect for autumn weddings, as nothing is more associated with the beginning of autumn than the departure of birds. For autumn bouquets are ideal pheasant feathers, kept in brown tones. They go wonderfully with, for example, ears of grain, sprigs of rosemary or anemones.

9. Head garland instead of a bouquet

Garlands are a real wedding hit. They suit weddings of different styles and complement, and sometimes are the main accent in the wedding styling. The abundance of autumn colors, forms, inspiration, allows you to create the most beautiful floral composition for the head, which will enchant all the guests, but also perfectly match the type of beauty of the bride.

10. Solo flower instead of bridal bouquet

A single flower can be more striking and meaningful than a bouquet. Choosing a flower solo can be a very minimalist addition to the wedding styling, or it can give an extremely extravagant effect. In autumn, go for a stately dahlia in burgundy, purple or maroon, or a sunflower.

You already know what autumn flowers for weddings are the most popular choices for brides this season. Which trend would you say "Yes"?

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